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Gedrechselter Pokal mit Einsätzen, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

Turned fruitwood Cup and Cover with inserts

Turned fruitwood Cup and Cover with inserts in its original case South Germany, most probably Berchtesgaden, 2nd half 17th century. Height 28.5 cm (cup) / 30.5 cm (case) Near identical examples are in the Dänisches Nationalmuseum in Copenhagen as in the Landesmuseum Kassel mhk (former inventory of the Landgräflich-Hessische

Simon Troger, Chronos und Clotho, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

Chronos and Klotho

Chronos and KlothoSimon Troger (1683 Abfaltersbach – 1768 Munich / Haidhausen)Ivory and fruitwood group, glass-eyes.48 × 36.5 × 22 cm(18.89 × 14.37 × 8.66 inch)A near identical group is in Szépművészeti Múzeum, Budapest.ProvenanceAuction Koller, Zurich November 1st, 1977Private collection, GermanyLiteratureEugen von Philipovich: “Elfenbein”, p. 324,

Simon Troger, Allegorie des Herbstes, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

Allegory of autumn

Allegory of autumnSimon Troger (1683 Abfaltersbach – 1768 Munich / Haidhausen)Carved ivory and fruitwood, glass eyes.31 × 37.5 × 25 cmThe group belongs to a set of the four seasons of which spring and summer is in the Fürstl. Waldburg-Wolfegg’schen collection.ProvenanceKronprinz Rupprecht of Bavaria, on

Serpentin-Humpen, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

German silver-gilt mounted Serpentin Tankard

German silver-gilt mounted Serpentin tankard Zöblitzer “Granat-Serpentin” Saxonia, Zöblitz, ca 1600 – 1620 The silver gilt mounts with hallmark of Nuremberg and master’s mark “BH” for Balthasar Holweck (master 1602 – 1632). Height 19.5 cm         Provenance Private collection, Germany Literature Nürnberger Goldschmiedekunst, Volume I / 1 Request for the object

Renaissance-Kabinett mit Jagddarstellung, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

A rare Austrian marquetry Table-Cabinet

A rare Austrian marquetry Table-Cabinet attributed to the Master Konrad Göttlich Innsbruck, late 16th century Decorated with hunting scenes in fantastical landscapes. 52.5 × 77 × 38.5 cm Comp Literature Georg Himmelheber: Kabinettschränke, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich 1977, Ill. 21 Provenance Private collection, Vienna. Request for the object further illustrations #gallery-3 { margin: auto; } #gallery-3 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align:

Satz von vier vergoldeten Louis XVI-Prunkkandelabern, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

A set of four Louis XVI three-branch ormolu Girandoles

A set of four Louis XVI three-branch ormolu Girandoles Probably Vienna, ca 1780 Supplied to Prince Karl Hieronymus Pálffy (1735 – 1816) for his Palais in Vienna, Josephsplatz, probably made by a Viennese workshop. Height 44.5 cm Width 30 cm Provenance Prince Ladislaus Pálffy, Palais Pálffy, Vienna. Request for the object

Kabinett-Schrank, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer


Cabinet Eger, ca 1660, attributed to the “Meister mit dem ornamentierten Hintergrund” A German ebony, fruitwood, boxwood marquetry Eger cabinet. 62.5 × 56.5 × 33.5 cm The cabinet depicts on its panels the “parable of the prodigal” son. A similar cabinet is exhibited in the “Museum für Kunsthandwerk” in

Paar Wandappliken Dresden, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

A pair of Appliques

A pair of Appliques Probably Dresden, ca 1750 / 60 Cast bronze, engraved and fire gilded. 39.5 cm Naturalistically formed branches and oak leaves grow out of a trophy shield that is decorated with hunting symbols. The symbolism, a tribute to hunting, is based on sketches by Gilles-Marie Oppenort (Paris