Schönburg Castle

Schloss Schönburg, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

Beaucastel in Pocking

The three-winged, baroque castle with its arcades in Belvedere-style was built from 1676 to 1680 by the architect Domenico Christoforo Zuccali for the nobles of Schönburg.

In the year 1692 the castle passed by heritage to the Barons von Closen zu Gern und Arnstorf, and then at the beginning of the 19 th century to the Counts of Leyden. In 1876 Count Max Arco von und zu Zinneberg acquired the castle. His third daughter Mechtilde married Prince Lichnowsky and achieved a worldwide reputation as a writer. In her book “Childhood” she describes her live at castle Schönburg, which she always named affectionately “Beaucastel”.

Until 1965 the castle was inhabited by the Arco-Zinneberg family. When Peter Mühlbauer acquired it in 1990, the estate required major restoration. The six years of restoration were honoured by the Bavarian Denkmalschutz-Medaille and the Monument Price of the Hypo-Kulturstiftung and has since then been the address of the art trade.

Historischer Stich von Schloß Schönburg
Kunsthandel Mühlbauer im Schloss Schönburg
Kunsthändler Peter Mühlbauer

Peter Mühlbauer

Peter Mühlbauer has secured a steady place in the field of fine furniture, crafts and old master paintings from the 16th – 19th century for nearly four decades. With his outstanding taste for quality, he can always present significant acquisitions. His clients include museums and private collectors as well as dealers worldwide.

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