Virgin and child on the crescent moon

Mondsichel-Madonna, Frontansicht, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

Virgin and child on the crescent moon

Virgin and child on the crescent moon

by the master of the “Altöttinger Türen”, Matthäus Kreniss

Lower Bavaria (Eggenfelden), ca 1520
Height 100 cm
Lime wood

The virgin with the child, standing on the crescent moon – a reference to the revelation of John the Evangelist. In Her left hand the child with a necklace, turning towards the viewer. It is holding an apple in its left hand, symbol of the fall of man, as a reference to the redemption of mankind through his later death on the cross.

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Maria wears a mantle draped over her shoulder over a laced bodice, which she picks up under Her right arm to fall in folds in front of her body. The folds are virtuously carved.

Maria’s face is framed by a crown and the wide, fanning out, long hair that falls in strands in front of the body and in waves on Her back.

The Madonna is very close to the two portal figures of the master Kreniss of the Altötting Stiftskirche.

Also regarded as directly belonging are the two female saints by Matthäus Kreniss in the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin (Demmler, Bildwerke III, p. 268, No. 80, 81).


Dr. Alfred Schädler Munich, February 6th, 1986

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