A Pair of German silver-gilt Stacking Beakers

Ulrich Sautter, Paar Renaissance Häufebecher mit Mauresken-Dekor, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

A Pair of German silver-gilt Stacking Beakers

A Pair of German Silver-Gilt Stacking Beakers with mauresque decor

Ulrich Sautter (Master 1573)

Ulm, ca. 1580/ 90  
height 8.5cm
weight 152 g   

Silver chased, engraved, etched and partially gilt.

Hallmark: Ulm (R3, III, Nr.4730)
Masters mark: Ulrich Sautter (master 1573) (R3, III, Nr. 4730)
Monogram of an owner from 1855  

This beakers from Ulm, Germany, was once part of a larger set, so called Satzbecher (stacking beakers). Another cup from this set, which originally consists of 6 to 12 parts is in the Ulm Museum (Inv. No. 1963.8992).  


Private collection, Germany

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