A courtly turned lidded ivory Box

Gottfried Wolffram, Höfische Elfenbeindose, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

A courtly turned lidded ivory Box

A Courtly Turned Lidded Ivory Box

Gottfried Wolffram (before 1683 – Copenhagen – 1716)

Copenhagen, ca 1710
Decorated with landscaped carvings after engravings by Gabriel Perelle (1603 – 1677).

Ø 9.8 cm
Height 4.6 cm

Gottfried Wolffram was appointed to “Court ivory-turner” of the Danish king in 1691 (Hein, 1991, ibid.).

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In 1701 he was appointed to the court of King Friedrich I of Prussia and commissioned with the design and execution of the “Amber Room” for Charlottenburg Palace.

Objects by Gottfried Wolffram can be found in the Grünes Gewölbe in Dresden, the Hermitage in St Petersburg and the Royal Collections at Rosenborg Castle.

The box shown here is the only known which is not in museum’s possession. An almost identical lidded box with landscape carvings by Gottfried Wolffram is in the Museum Hessen-Kassel mhk.


Private Collection


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