Courtly silver hunting Trousse

Waidbeseteck, Kunsthandel Mühlbauer

Courtly silver hunting Trousse

Courtly Silver Hunting Trousse

of Prince-Bishop Friedrich Carl von Schönborn (1674 Mainz – 1746 Würzburg)

Complete with scabbard and cutlery silver engraved, and partly blackened, green Saffian-leather.

ca 1740/45
length 20 inch

A broad-bladed knife with the Mainz cutler’s mark, the eagle’s head handle with counter-curved quillions and a dolphin in bold relief above the guard embossed with a running stag; the scabbard engraved on reverse “N 2 von Schönborn”, the bowed front pierced with a running stag and a deerhound backed by shagreen, a balcony above and a boar and its young below, containing five subsidiary implements all with eagle’s head handles

A very similar one formerly in the collection of Prince Karl von Preussen (ill. Hiltl 1876, cat. 516). Two very similar ones, probably from the same workshop, are in the Kienbusch Collection in the Philadelphia Art Museum (Cat. No. 443) and in the Musée de l’Armée, Paris (Inv. 05186).


Private collection, South Germany

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